The Metal Shutter Door Roll Forming Machine is an advanced industrial device specifically designed for the efficient production of metal shutter doors. With precision and speed, this machine effortlessly shapes metal strips into precise and high-quality shutter door profiles. It offers versatility in creating different sizes and designs of shutter doors, meeting diverse industry requirements. The machine’s automated operations and customizable settings ensure consistent results, reducing labor costs and improving productivity. The Metal Shutter Door Roll Forming Machine is an essential tool for manufacturers aiming to optimize production and deliver reliable and durable metal shutter doors for various applications in commercial and industrial settings, providing security and convenience for businesses and properties.

Metal shutter door is a type of door that consists of many horizontal slats hinge together and the door opens and closes by raising up or lowering down along a rolling shutter door track or guide rails, Metal shuter  door slats roll forming machine has been designed and built because of the needs The slats can be made out of galvanized steel strips and prepainted steel strips. This roll forming machine is technically capable to produce roller shutter slats with any lengths.

Metal Shutter Door Roll Forming Machine

Here are more photos of finished metal shutter door slats for your reference

Metal Shutter Door Roll Forming Machine Metal Shutter Door Roll Forming Machine

working flow of metal shutter door slats roll forming machine:

decoiler–feeding–roll forming–cutting –runout table

Technical Parameters of Steel Rolling Shutter Slat Roll Forming Machine:

  • Material: Galvanized Steel or Prepainted Steel strips;
  • Material width: 300mm Max;
  • Inner Diameter: 450—520mm;
  • Outer Diameter:1200mm;
  • Structure: H Steel welded to Steel Plate;
  • Punch: Hydraulic pressing tool;
  • Diameter of Punched Hole: as per request;
  • Thickness of Material: 0.6-1.2mm;
  • Roll Stations: 14 Stations;
  • Forming Speed: 0-25m/min;
  • Material of Roller: 45# steel coated with hard chrome;
  • Material of Shaft: 45# Steel with tempering treatment;
  • Dia. Of Shafts: 70mm;
  • Transmission: by gearbox;
  • cutting: flying cutting

here are more photos of machine design:

Metal Shutter Door Roll Forming Machine