Simple cut to length machine is a machine which can cut the coils to length, the coils such as GI coils, GL coils, PPGI coils and PPGL coils, this machine used to cut the material thickness within 1mm, we can give you different options for the decoiler, we have manual decoiler and automatic decoiler, the loading capacity can be 5t 6t 7t 8t till 1ot, this is a machine suit for the simple metal process business, this machine can save the investment for the customer and at the same time to let the customers have the ability to supply the machine end customer want.

1 Hydraulic Coil inner diameter: 450-520mm
2 Max coil width: Max coil width 1250mm
3 Carrying capacity:5000kg
4 Hydraulic expansion
5 Automatically feeding
6 Hydraulic, inner tight
7 Hydraulic power : 3 kw  Drive power:3kw
8 Size:2.7*1.3*1.8m(L*W*H)

Here below is a automatic decoiler photo for you check:

Metal Simple Cut To Length Machine

Here below is a manual decoiler photo for you check:
Metal Simple Cut To Length Machine

Main parameters of the cut to length machine:

1).Machine frame:350H steel welding
2).Material of forming mold:45# steel with quenching
3).outer diameter:φ90
4).Main motor power: 5.5kw
6).Forming steps: Up layer: 5 steps Down layer: 6 steps
7).Transport way:Chian
8).Voltage:380v 50hz 3phase or customzied

Here below the machine photos for you check and reference:

Metal Simple Cut To Length MachineHere below is a simple slit and cut to length machine, we can also make this type machine for you, this machine have both function for the thin metal slit and cut to length, and at the same time, this machine have function to recoil the slitted strips, those stripes can used for some roofing accessaries making, such as right cap, gutter, downspout, bardge board, valley tray as so on. If you need those machines, please let us know, thanks.
Metal Simple Cut To Length Machine