The Furring Channel Roll Forming Machine is an advanced industrial device designed for the efficient production of furring channels. With cutting-edge roll forming technology, this machine effortlessly shapes metal strips into precise and high-quality furring channel profiles. It offers versatility in creating different sizes and designs of furring channels, meeting diverse construction requirements. The machine’s automated operations and customizable settings ensure consistent results, reducing labor costs and improving productivity. The Furring Channel Roll Forming Machine is an essential tool for manufacturers aiming to optimize production and deliver reliable and durable furring channels for interior wall and ceiling systems in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

Suspended ceiling furring Channel making machine is designed to make the ceiling furring Channel in batch fully automatically. Concealed Suspended Ceiling System is designed to produce a high-quality structure for a flush or featured finish to your plasterboard ceiling.

Furring Channel Roll Forming Machine

It has the following features:

  1. Ceiling furring Channel in both direct fix and suspension applications.

2.With special lock method with suspension clips simplify the assembly of components

3.Mid-span joiners for both primary rail and furring channel sections eliminates waste, and speeds up erection time

4.A range of furring channels, battens and primary rails allows for variable spanning and spacing options

5.Ability to hold multiple layers of board due to its high-quality structure Based on those features, this profile became popular fast in the market. So the demand of the metal rolling forming machine became huge. Zhongtuo metal cold rolling forming machine design like the following: ZHONGTUO Suspended ceiling furring Channel rolling forming machine can benefit you for making the perfect shape.

Furring Channel Roll Forming Machine

Working flow of this furring channel making machine:

Decoiler–roll forming part–auto shearing–runnout table

Furring Channel Roll Forming Machine

Furring Channel Roll Forming Machine

Video link of this furring channel making machine: