The Steel Roof Deck Making Machine, is an advanced industrial device specifically designed for efficient production of steel roof decks. This state-of-the-art machine utilizes cutting-edge roll forming technology to effortlessly shape metal sheets into precise and high-quality roof deck profiles.With automated operations, the machine ensures consistent and accurate results, optimizing production efficiency and reducing labor costs. It offers versatility in creating different sizes and designs of steel roof decks, catering to diverse construction needs and project specifications. Its precision engineering and advanced control systems make it an indispensable tool for manufacturers aiming to deliver reliable and durable steel roof decks for commercial, industrial, and residential buildings.

What is metal steel deck?

Steel deck is a structural panel element that acts as the surface of a floor or roof. The deck is roll formed from structural quality sheet steel and is engineered to span over joist or purlins. Variations in the thickness, shape and depth of the deck can be utilized to meet a variety of loading conditions and spans. The deck can also be fastened to the supporting structure to enable it act as a diaphragm and provide lateral bracing for the structure.

Steel Roof Deck Making Machine

Steel Roof Deck Making Machine Steel Roof Deck Making Machine Steel Roof Deck Making Machine Steel Roof Deck Making Machine

Roof Deck Profile

Steel roof deck is the predominant structural component used in virtually all flat roofs. The deck is a structural panel that spans over roof joist or purlins to provide a flat

surface on which to apply the weatherproof roofing. Steel deck is the substrate for most roofing materials such as built-up roofing, membrane roofs or insulated sheet

steel roof assemblies. Roof deck has also been used in more unusual configurations that may be sloped or curved.

For the roof deck the popular profile is B deck:

B Deck profiles are 1.5-inch deep structural roof deck that provide both vertical load and diaphragm shear capacity. The wide ribs make the profile an ideal structural substrate to uniformly support roofing systems applied on top of the deck. Type B profiles are typically used

for span conditions of 10 feet or less.

Steel Roof Deck Making Machine

Zhongtuo Steel Roof Deck making machine:

Steel Roof Deck Making Machine

Main technical parameters of B deck roofing decking rolling forming machines:

1) Structure:500H steel welded with 25mm middle plate

2) Main power:30KW Siemens motors

3) Forming stations:36 stations

4) Way of drive:1.0″ double row chain drive

5) Diameter of shaft:80mm

6) Max rolling speed: 12-15m/min

7) Thickness: 0.5-1.5mm galvanized steel or p repainted sheet,G550Mpa

8) Material  width:as request

9) Material of roller:polished and coated with chrome, surface with 0.05mm

10) Material of blade mould:Cr12, quenched 58-62℃

11) Way of cutting:hydraulic mould cutting(stop to cut)

12) Length cutting tolerance:+/-1.0mm

13) Hydraulic pressure :16Mpa

14) Hydraulic power:5.5kw

15) Computer Control system:PLC  control from Taiwan

16) Omron encoder measure the length ,made in Japan

17) Electrical requirement:380V,50Hz,3Ph

working process of Galvanized Floor decking forming machine

decoiler—shape—shear—receive final product

Steel Roof Deck Making Machine

Shearing part of Galvanized Floor decking forming machine

This Galvanized Floor decking forming machine adopts latest technology.

  1. you can find in following picture: the blade is supported byfour pillars. 

Besides,we improve inner side of pillar to minimum friction to prolong its life time 3-5 years.

  1. the blade is set against beaminstead of being fixed on beam directly.

Normally blade is fixed on beam with screws,so that screw holes bear whole pressure and back power.

In this new Galvanized Floor decking forming machine,Beam will share more pressure and back power.

so it will be more stable and its life time will be prolong about 3-5 years.

Steel Roof Deck Making Machine

rollers of Galvanized Floor decking forming machine

Compared with normal rollers, this new model roller quench twice times and prolong heat treatment time.More over, it is equated with 2-3mm chromed seamless spacers.

Steel Roof Deck Making Machine

So for this type machine, if you want to know more information, please contact us at any time.