The Metal Step Tile Roofing Roll Forming Machine is an advanced and efficient solution for manufacturing metal step tiles. This cutting-edge machine is specifically designed to produce high-quality step tiles for roofing applications. With precision engineering and automated controls, it ensures seamless and accurate roll forming, resulting in consistent and precise step tiles. The machine is versatile and can handle various metal materials, such as steel, aluminum, or other alloys, allowing for flexibility in design and application. Experience top-notch step tile production and elevate your roofing projects with this reliable and high-performance Metal Step Tile Roofing Roll Forming Machine. Metal step tile with filming for roofing sheet rolling forming machine is used to make either supporting the normally coil or the filmed coil with functions. Those roofing sheets are used in building constructions, decoration, printing, packing, electronics, communication industries,  aluminum panel solar mounting structure etc.
Metal Step Tile Roofing Roll Forming Machine







Metal Step Tiles Aluminium Roofing Sheet or filmed roofing sheet Features :

1.Compared to a typical composition shingle roof or cement roof, metal Step Tiles Roofing Sheet is much lighter. This helps it withstand an earthquake.
2.Wind-resistant: Its interlocking design helps it withstand the strong wind.
3.Leakage-proof. Filmed Step Tiles Roofing Sheet is good for the rainy areas.
4.Hailstone-resistant: Such corrugated metal roofing sheet can protect the building from the hailstone.
5.Noise-resistant: Step Tiles Aluminium Roofing Sheet shingle deadens the sound of the rain and hailstone.

Metal Step Tile Roofing Roll Forming Machine

Take the following drawing profile of the step tile for your reference to show you more details about this machine

Metal Step Tile Roofing Roll Forming Machine

Metal step tile with filming for roofing sheet rolling forming machine

Metal Step Tile Roofing Roll Forming Machine

Suitable materialPPGI coils & Aluminium coils ;0.5-0.6mm  Filmed coil with 30mm
Working speedAbout 8 to 11m/min
Step distanceAdjustable according to requirement (>=250mm)
Power RequirementMain motor power: 7.5 Kw(Depend on final design)
Hydraulic station power: 5.5Kw(With the energy tank)
Roller-MaterialNo.45 steel, plated with chrome on surface.

pressing die

Cr12 mould steel with quench treatment, HRC58-60
Material of shaftHigh quality 45# steel, Dia. is 80mm.Roller grinder milling.
Shaft diameter80mm
Controlling systemMitsubishi PLC & converter
Total weight of machineAbout 11000 KGS
Machine’s sizeAbout 18m×1.8m× 1.5m (Depend on final design)

Why it belongs to high quality step tile rolling forming machinery:

Roll Forming System

1、Roller material is high grade No.45 forged steel plated with hard chrome, by digital- controlled procession.
2、40mm thickness wall for forming system to ensure machine 15 years long life.

Metal Step Tile Roofing Roll Forming Machine

High Accuracy processing in shaft and rollers:

1、Shaft material is No.45 steel with diameter 80mm with keynote, strong and durable.Shafts for rollers are tooled by grinding machine 2 times. Ensure product accuracy.

2、Finished shafts from grinding machine,rollers on these shafts can ensure final sheet accuracy.

Metal Step Tile Roofing Roll Forming Machine

Automatic & Easy Operate

  1. Mitsubishi PLC with touch screen. Friendly man-machine interaction.The system is simple to learn and easy to operate.
  2. Automatic Operation:once you set quantity and length of product,machine will produce product automatically.

Metal Step Tile Roofing Roll Forming Machine

Packaging Details
1. One *40GP container for loading one set of machine with mechanical decoiler;
2.The whole Wiped Anti Rust Oil, PLC controller covered by foam film;
3.Spare parts and some small parts packed in plastic tooling box;
4.All Components Fixed by steel wire with Container. Suitable for long time sea shipping.

Delivery Time
Machine ready within 60 days after getting 30% deposit and confirming contract details from buyer and sellers. As to the hydraulic decoiler and the stacker, it is optional.