Type B Metal Roof Deck Roll Forming Machine, a cutting-edge industrial marvel from ZTRFM Forming. This advanced device is meticulously designed to produce top-quality Type B metal roof decks with precision and efficiency.The Type B Metal Roof Deck Roll Forming Machine boasts automated operations that ensure consistent and accurate results, optimizing productivity and reducing labor costs. Its versatility allows for the creation of various sizes and designs of Type B metal roof decks, catering to diverse construction needs and project requirements.With its state-of-the-art engineering and advanced control systems, it becomes an indispensable tool for manufacturers aiming to deliver reliable and durable Type B metal roof decks for commercial, industrial, and residential buildings.


B Deck is by far the most commonly used roof deck for new construction projects. This is due to the fact that B deck is the most efficient 1.5”deep steel roof deck section. Compared to Type A roof decks and Type F roof decks, Type B metal roof decks have the highest strength-to-weight ratio. As with all steel products, the lighter the section, the more economical it will be. And since Type B roof decks can carry higher loads at longer spans than A decks and F decks, the steel supports below the metal deck can be spaced further apart. The result? A larger support spacing results in fewer supports and more savings for the building owner.

Here is one standard B deck for your reference:

Type B Metal Roof Deck Roll Forming Machine

As previously mentioned, Type B deck is the most commonly used roof deck for new construction projects. In comparison to other roof decks such as Type A and Type F, Type B roof decks have a higher strength-to-weight ratio, are more economical, and can carry higher loads at longer spans. Given that steel supports can be spaced further apart with Type B decks, building owners can save money by purchasing less supports

Type B deck is a wide-rib roof deck ideal for a wide range of applications

Type B Metal Roof Deck Roll Forming Machine

Type B, wide-rib structural roof deck is a high-performance, cost-efficient choice with a variety of options to meet multiple project needs. Standard or cellular, acoustic or vented, interlocking or nested side laps, B deck is among the most flexible of our 1½-inch deep roof decks.

Standard B Deck

Type B roof deck provides the best balance of strength and economy of all the 1½-inch-deep roof decks. Where rigid roofing insulation is used with B deck, a minimum 1-inch thickness is required.

Drawing profiles more for your reference:

Type B Metal Roof Deck Roll Forming Machine

  • Types B, B-Dek, BV, BV-Dek, BA and BA-Dek available with nested side laps. Types BI, BIV and BIA available with interlocking side laps
  • Available as an acoustic deck, types BA, BA-Dek and BIA are manufactured with perforations in the vertical ribs, having an NRC rating of 0.50 to 0.95 when used with rigid insulation, as tested in accordance with ANSI/ASTM C423 and E795
  • Available as a vented deck, types BV, BV-Dek and BIV are manufactured with slot vents in the bottom flutes (to be specified when venting is required for cementationinsulation fill). The openings for types BV and BIV can be specified from 0.5% up to 1.5% of total surface. The openings for BV-Dek can be specified from 0.25% up to 2.0% of total surface
  • Also available with rolled-in hanger tabs (non-vented types only)
  • Type B roof deck is FM-approved for use as a component in Classes 1-60, 1-75 and 1-90 wind uplift construction. When ratings above 1-90 are required, the Contract Documents must specify special requirements in accordance with FM Data Sheet 1-29, Section 2.2.13
  • Types B, BI and B-Dek are ICC-, FM- and UL-approved
  • Available in 24½-inch cover width
  • Available in seven steel gage thicknesses (see load tables) link to load tables page with various deck/liner panel thicknesses, a variety of galvanized coating weights and an array of paint systems
  • Used as a secondary structural member to provide for lateral force distribution to the structure’s vertical force resisting system
  • B-Dek Cellular Acoustical available with optional plastic lath to protect the acoustical properties of the deck when painting in the field
  • Types B-Dek Cellular and B-Dek Cellular Acoustical are ICC-approved

We design the Steel roofing decks machine as following:

Based on understanding of Type B (B-deck)Metal Roof Deck 80 (Wide Rib) understanding, we design the machine like this:

Type B Metal Roof Deck Roll Forming Machine

Thick cutter holder to protect the cutter holders for long time to use.

Type B Metal Roof Deck Roll Forming Machine

For the shaft and rollers, normally ZHONGTUO uses very strong shaft and big diameter rollers with gear inside , for making higher speed and better roll effect.

Type B Metal Roof Deck Roll Forming Machine

For some heavy duty rollers, we will put gear outside, then it can feed the coil to machine easily.

For those profiles Type B Metal Roof Deck 80 (Wide Rib) roll forming machine, if you want to know more information, please contact us at any time.