This Slitting Line with Decoiler and Recoiler, the ultimate solution for precise and efficient metal slitting operations. This cutting-edge equipment is designed to meet the demands of the steel processing industry, delivering high-quality slits with accuracy and consistency. The integrated decoiler smoothly unwinds the metal coils, while the recoiler ensures tight rewinding of the slit strips for easy handling. The precision slitting heads guarantee clean and uniform cuts, optimizing material usage and reducing waste. With user-friendly controls and advanced automation, this slitting line allows for seamless operation and quick setup. Built with top-quality components, it ensures durability and minimal maintenance, ensuring uninterrupted performance for your slitting needs. Elevate your steel processing with the Slitting Line with Decoiler and Recoiler, streamlining your production and achieving superior slitting results. 3.0x1250mm metal slitting line with 8t loading capacity decoiler and recoiler: this is a widly used slitting line, this machine can slit the coils thickness from 0.5mm to 3.0mm, because most of the customer they slit the coils thickness within 3.0mm, so this machine can satify most of the customer’s demand. And at the same time, this machine have the 8t automatic decoiler and recoiler, both of them have the loading cart, this can improve the working efficiency, and save the labor cost.

There are some advanages of this slitting line:

  1. This machine can slit the metel thickness from 0.5mmto 3.0mm.
  2. This machine speed within 30m per minute, this speed do not need the pits, this can save cost for customer.
  3. This machine the price is cheaper compared with the high speed professional machine.

Here below is our machine main parameters for you reference:



Steel coil parameters

MaterialCold rolls OR hot rolls
Tensile strengthδb≤450Mpa,δS≤260Mpa
Steel thickness0.3-3.0mm
Steel width800-1250(Max)
Steel coil I.DΦ508mm
Steel coil O.Dφ1600mm(Max)
Steel coil weight8T(Max)

Slitter parameters

knife pivot diameterФ180 mm
Knife pivot material40Cr
Blades specificationΦ180mmXφ360mmX20mm
Blade material6CrW2Si
Slit parameterSlit quantity5-6 strips with 4-5 blades
Minimum slit width50 mm (3.0mm thickness) – 40 mm (0.3mm thickness)
Width precision≤±0.05 mm/2M


Whole line Dimension25 m (L) X 8 m (W)
Speed25 m /minute
Operator needed1 mechanical engineer

2 common workers

Line directionFrom right to left (Face to machine)
Machine colorWhite gray

Here below is our machine working flow for you check:

From left to right are: Entry coil car→Decoiler →Press and pinch device→Hydraulic cutter→Looper 1 →Side guide device→ Slitter→Scrap winder →Looper 2→Tension stand →Recoiler→Exit coil car.Slitting Line with Decoiler and Recoiler

Here below are some of our machine photos for you check:

Slitting Line with Decoiler and Recoiler

Slitting Line with Decoiler and RecoilerSlitting Line with Decoiler and RecoilerSlitting Line with Decoiler and RecoilerSlitting Line with Decoiler and RecoilerSlitting Line with Decoiler and RecoilerSlitting Line with Decoiler and Recoiler