For the heavy duty C purlin and Z purlin machine, packaging the profiles of C Z profiles is not a easy work as the profile is long and heavy workers are not hard to handle. Based on this situation, we designed the fully automatic stacker for high speed or fully automatic C Z purlin machine.

C80-300 and Z100-300 full-automatic palletizers stacker can use the same set of equipment for C/Z

Stacking of purlins. The whole set of equipment consists of servo motor, PLC and PRC touch screen, forming a complete control system. This system is with simple structure, beautiful interface, reliable performance, convenient operation and high production efficiency advantage.

Incremental encoder is used for fixed length. It can be controlled manually and automatically. Main low-voltage electrical components. The electric appliances of international famous brands such as Schneider are adopted.

Stacker for the C and Z Purlin Machine

Here are some basic parameters for your reference of Stacker for the C purlin machine and Z purlin machine:

12m CZ steel automatic stacker

  1. Applicable raw material specification: C-shaped steel 80-300, Z-shaped steel 100-300

Length: 12m, width: 80-350mm, thickness: less than 3.5mm, bearing capacity: 120KG

  1. Stacking rhythm: 3 times/minute
  2. Transmission power: 3KW servo motor, RV110 reducer speed ratio 7.5
  3. Slewing power: 0.75KW, RV90 reducer speed ratio 80
  4. Stacking power: 0.75KW, RV90 reducer speed ratio 40
  5. Up and down travel: 1.3m,
  6. Left and right travel: 1.8m
  7. Stacking mode: electrically controlled permanent magnet handling,
  8. Length counting method: photoelectric sensor detection
  9. Control mode: motion controller (Delta)
  10. Operation mode: electric components are Schneider+7-inch touch screen
  11. Production process: frame, parts galvanization, painting, chrome plating, export standard
  12. Voltage: 220V/60Hz
  13. Language: Chinese, English, Spanish, all buttons and knobs are marked with these three kinds


(The actual situation shall prevail, but the inspection company is also required to inspect the goods according to these standards

Please inform us in advance of the changes.)

Stacker for the C and Z Purlin Machine

When it works with the C and Z purlin rolling forming machines:

Stacker for the C and Z Purlin Machine

Stacker for the C purlin machine and Z purlin machine working video for your reference: