The Wall Cladding Panel Machine, also known as the Flush Panel Machine, is designed to fully automate the batch production of wall cladding panels. These architectural industrial metal wall panels offer design flexibility, combining bold visual effects with easy and cost-effective installation. There are multiple profiles available with various rib patterns, and options include both no-clip panels and clip-fastened panels to accommodate expansion and contraction.

Nowadays, wall cladding panels are highly popular for their unmatched performance and stunning visual effects in commercial metal wall panels, industrial metal siding panels, and retail applications. The panels are thermo-bonded to a polyethylene or fire-retardant core, and their fabrication utilizes computer-controlled routing equipment, ensuring tight tolerances and accurate panel dimensions.

Flush Panels are specifically designed for wall, fascia, and soffit applications, offering a flush and flat appearance. They feature a rounded interlock leg and concealed fastening system, improving the flush appearance while providing additional strength in steel or aluminum metal siding panels. Here, we can list some popular types for your reference.

Wall Cladding Panel Machine

Thickness: We need from 0.35 mm to 0.70 mm . Raw material- GI , PPGI & aluminium

G550 in 0.50 mm is the testing and delivery adjusting coil status. Make the machine accordingly ,we can use 406mm & 406.5 mm width coils . That will helpful for 228 mm profile . Its lip is 19 mm only now.

The work flow for roof profile machine

Wall Cladding Panel Machine

Wall cladding panel machine or flush panel machine

Wall Cladding Panel Machine

Wall Cladding Panel Machine

If you want to add the filming system, we can also add for you.

Wall Cladding Panel Machine

The spacers and rollers


1.For all of our rollers, spacers and shafts, we all mark numbers on it, it’s very convenient for you to

maintenance the machine in the future.

2.There is ball bearings inside the rollers, to make all the rollers run at same speed when machine is run. 3.

Because the rollers inside with ball bearings, our rollers is bigger than others, so work speed is faster. 4. All

rollers and spacers, we do 3mm thickness chrome coating, to increase hardness and anti-rust. Some factories

maybe use 1-2mm chrome coating.

Wall Cladding Panel Machine

Wall cladding panel machine or flush panel machine working videos for your reference: